Perfect Flora: Bacteriophage For Better Digestion

When it comes to colon cleansing, Probiotics rule but most people are still unaware of the basics. Perfect Flora is one supplement that claims to be a breakthrough in the digestive health supplement industry. It claims to have certain transformative advantages but is it reliable? Find out…

What exactly is Perfect Flora?

Perfect Flora is really just a digestive health (GI cleanser) supplement. It claims to assist the gastrointestinal tract in getting rid of bad bacteria. It helps in encouraging growth of healthy and good bacteria (in gut) to balance.

The seller is Probiotics America, a famous online nutritional supplement company with Perfect Flora among headlining products.

The official website of Perfect Flora claims that users have reported benefits and lower cravings within just few weeks of regular dosage.

The cost per bottle is $50 which has enough capsules to last you a month. There is a 90 day long money back guarantee starting from the day of order on every bottle.

If you look at the way Perfect Flora is marketed online, you’d be quite impressed. The benefits claimed involve all sorts of advantages for those suffering from colon issues and digestive problems. But does it do any of those things? Well, let check out the ingredients first:

Probiotics America Ingredient chart

Every serving has 15mg of digestive bacteria (below-listed strains)

  • LH01 Myoviridae
  • LL5 Siphoviridae
  • T4D Myoviridae
  • LL12 Myoviridae

Information listed on the label states that every serving has 1 million PFU.

What is worth mentioning here is that Probiotics America states repetitively that Perfect Flora is much more than just another digestive supplement or a Probiotics product. In fact, it is branded as a it is a bacteriophage.

The company further claims that “Phages and Probiotics” function very well together and are amazingly effective at keeping the gut clean.

How does it really work?

Probiotics used by Perfect Flora help in removal of bad bacteria inside the digestive tract. Most people don’t know that the bacteria (often stated as a negative term) can be good for the body and some is already found in our gut. But the imbalance that the bad bacteria causes is what further raises the question of storing the balance and how.

Perfect Flora claims to have an answer to this problem by supplying the good and positive bacteria which restores that balanced environment inside gut.

The recommended duration to see results is 30 days as stated by the label.

But most the users we talked to said that they saw noticeable change in their cravings and other colon issues after two months of regular dosage. It also depends on the diet and lifestyle of a specific user as somebody who has taking a healthy diet would see results fast compared to somebody who doesn’t have a diet.

We spoke with several users and they said that after taking Perfect Flora, they felt lighter and had less cravings. Some said that they developed better and healthier bathroom habits and didn’t feel that dull and sluggish after eating. Afternoons are the period when most people complain of excessive cravings out of boredom and drowsiness. Users we talked to said that they will definitely consider using Perfect Flora because it is among the best digestive solutions they have tried recently.

What’s exactly Bacteriophage?

“Bacteriophage” is quite a strange term…In fact, it is not the term that gets thrown around a lot, it doesn’t. But the term has been used by medical professionals for a very long time (since 1920s). The term is now being made famous in the nutritional supplement industry as bacteriophage supplements are making it to the mainstream media. Online market has no shortage of these supplements since they are pretty famous and sold actively but Perfect Flora stands out because it is cheaper and much more effective.

Another feature that makes Perfect Flora really effective is that it has four strains which most of its competitors don’t. “Myoviridae” and other strains mentioned as the ingredients are terms that confuse people because they are not used commonly but it is a name of a virus family. There has been extensive research on the ingredients and it is pretty effective.

Are there any complaints against the seller?

Perfect Flora seller is Probiotics America, a California based company who you can reach at [email protected] The number of the company is (866) 803-9895 FREE.

Dr. Cary Nelson(board-certified) is the company head who stated that he suffers from certain digestive health issues and found relief in Probiotics and thus started his own bacteriophage product. The address of the company is

21900 Burbank Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

#Users can send unused bottles to the abovelisted address for a refund following the 90 day money back guarantee.

Is it recommended?

Perfect Flora is all about boosting digestive health without any excessive dieting or any harsh lifestyle changes. As far as we can tell, it is among the best solutions online and yes, we recommend using it.

One reason in particular for its recommendation is because compared to Probiotics, this bacteriophage supplement functions by enabling better removal of bad bacteria.  Probiotics work differently as they supply the GI tract with healthier and good bacteria so the bad bacteria becomes ineffective.

The specific bacteria strains that Perfect Flora uses are what make it so effective and better than other digestive supplements. Claiming that it is a colon cleanser would be a gross misjudgment because it works more in the Gastrointestinal tract and is far better.

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