Defy Age: 2 Best Essential Oils To Keep Aging Skin Gorgeous!

These days, the skincare industry is neck deep in bringing out anti-aging products. One feels excited to try samples of various over-the-counter creams exhibited in well-arranged fashion but when it comes to actually making a few select choices, one feels dazed and confused! It is difficult to distinguish what works and what is a clever marketing gimmick.

Instead of wasting time and energy in sorting out those products, just turn to the most trusted guardian for all the beauty woes – mother nature. Nothing can beat the might and efficacy of the stuff which comes straight out of her bounty.

Plant-based essential oils are what you should rely upon. They are effective and free from any additives.

1. Germanium Essential Oil

This has a fragrant flowery scent which appeal your senses. It is good both for your skin and locks. Germanium oil acts as natural astringent. It reduces your pore size and makes your skin firmer. Germanium oil also has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties which makes it lessen the damaging effects of free radicals which deprives your skin of oxygen.

Easy Use – Pour 10 drops of Germanium oil into your bath water and surprise your senses while reaping its beauty benefits.

2. Frankincense Essential Oil

Hands down to Frankincense essential oil; it is the best anti-aging oil for your skin. It reduces the appearance of scars, marks, age spots. Apart from these, frankincense oil also helps to maintain the pH level of your skin which is critical when it comes to skin health.

How To Use – Take 5 drops of the above and add it to 4-4 drops of rose and carrot seed essential oil. Mix all these and add it to 1/4th cup of carrier oil, i.e. Jojoba. Use this concoction on your face and neck, in the morning and evening. This magic mix would reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. A happy-happy situation for your skin!


Try these easy ways to use these two oils and your skin will glow from inside out!