Atomic Beam Flashlight: Not Just Your Regular Flashlight

Do you carry a flashlight with you?

Call me crazy or something but I cannot go out to a tour or anywhere carry one in my bag. I cannot recall on how many times it has bailed me out of a tough situation. There was a time when I was stuck in the dark and there were no lights around anywhere. Luckily I got out of there and from then on whenever I go I always carry a flashlight with me. Since then I have used many but finally, I got one which is far better than anything I have used till date. It is called Atomic Beam Flashlight. Not only it prevents “worst nightmare” from happening but also perform other functions too. To know more about this flashlight, continue reading my review

What is Atomic Beam Flashlight all about?

It is an ultra-bright and tactical flashlight which is a military-grade in nature. It is 40 times brighter and more powerful than your regular flashlight. It is very durable in nature and beams 5000 LUX light which is way much better and significantly brighter than the standard flashlights we have been using till date. It emits a high amount of light and is made for the maximum durability usage. Its textured grip is also easy to handle. Some batteries drain at a faster rate when you use them at the maximum level but this won’t. Its feature mainly includes Zoom function and SOS mode.

To make it more effective, it is made with the real aircraft aluminum (which is generally used to make rigid aircraft) to withstand any weather conditions. You will also notice it is not heavy and doesn’t feel bulky when you hold it due to the fact it runs on AAA batteries, unlike the local ones which use C or D quality batteries. They not only feels heavy but after the few usage, its light start flickering and eventually gets dim.

It also comes with an additional feature called strobe which will help you when it comes to protecting yourself from any strange activity. You will also get benefited in any emergency situation where a light source is necessary due to its light weight.


  • It is lightweight and this is what makes it portable and easy to carry around
  • Atomic Beam Flashlight can shine up to 5000 LUX and beam focus is adjustable too
  • You can also use it as a self-defense tool.
  • It comes in aluminum case which can withstand any extreme weather


You will find dozens of tactical lights in the market all claiming to be better than other but choose one by reading its review first. Below I have listed few experience of how people like us are getting benefited by Atomic Beam Flashlight

  • Sam 27 Since most of the time I am traveling, keeping flashlight is more of a necessity. My friend gifted me and since then I am loving this. It is so compact and has such a multipurpose usage. It emits bright light that I feel safe whenever I go out for hiking.
  • Patrick, 29 its performance certainly matches up to the big leagues which are very expensive basically you are getting a very good deal when you buy Atomic Beam Flashlight.
  • Mark, 28 this is the first time I am using a tactical flashlight and I am impressed by its brightness and durability. It clearly outperforms every other tactical flashlight in every aspect whether it’s about its features or design. Its powerful beaming light is what I like most.
  • George 25, I have used the flashlight but that had bells and whistles attached to it too and I used to feel so frustrated while using it. This flashlight is simple in design and works better than the previous one in terms of light.

Is it recommended?

Get this one and make a smarter choice, Atomic Beam Flashlight will serve you well in a host of different situations due to its powerful durability factor and overall use. It has an inbuilt self-defense feature which will help you to avoid many crimes which mostly happens in the dark. This flashlight will provide you reliable light even in the extreme weather conditions. You cannot carry a knife everywhere you go. For your personal safety, you need a flashlight which will help you to identify a threat and can signal your location visually by leading you away out of the dark.

From where to buy?

In order to purchase Atomic Beam Flashlight, just click the link below

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